Better Category Selector for WooCommerce – Pro

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This is a simple revamp of the current category selector metabox that comes with WooCommerce. Better WooCommerce Categories Pro makes adding products to categories easier than using the tiny little metabox. This pro version allows for expanding nested categories which unlocks the “no brainer” part of this solution.

When you click on the “Better WooCommerce Categories” link in the category meta box you’ll get a popup with a much larger window for selecting categories. The category tree will automatically open to show the selected categories. You can close or open all parent categories so that you can easily drill down to the categories that you need to select.

Additional features are coming soon to allow searching for categories to select and to allow adding new categories with out leaving the popup. We would also like to expand usage of this plugin to support other taxonomies.

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Price: $20.00

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