Convert to WordPress
for FREE!

That’s right…..for FREE!

Ok….some restrictions will apply.

  • You must purchase a minimum of 1 GB of hosting with HisDesigns for $174.95 per year.
  • Conversion includes 2 hours of time to do the conversion.
  • Additional time may be needed in some instances.
  • Additional time will be billed at a SUPER LOW intro rate of $25 per hour.

Like it or not…..Wordpress is not going away any time soon.   WordPress is so popular we decided to devote a whole page too it.  We use WordPress as our primary CMS.

WordPress is easy to use and has 1000s of developers working on plugins to do a wide variety tasks.  Also, because WordPress is such a widely used platform, if you decide you don’t like us (not likely to happen) you won’t have any trouble finding someone that can work on your site.

However, unlike a lot of designers we are coders.  Many designers use WordPress because they don’t need to know code.  WE KNOW CODE which means we can look under the hood to make customizations or to fix bugs.

We are so confident in WordPress we will convert your existing site to WordPress for FREE!